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Our Story


Helping women embrace the joy of motherhood with resourceful productivity tools.


Mabell is a mom of a toddler, cool step mommy and Branding Marketing Creative. Franibell is a mom of a newborn, travel enthusiast and Software Test Engineer. Some of you have been following our journey on other social platforms such as Instagram. We are so thrilled to keep expanding our thoughts and resources.

We help overwhelmed moms increase their productivity to gain peace of mind and joy and leveling up a new sense of optimism, self-love, and confidence. We get strength from a supernatural source that allows us to become the best version of ourselves for our babies, husbands and everybody else around us. That's right! Every factor in our lives can be accomplished if we set our minds to do it, plan it, put it down on paper and get to action.


Motherhood has showed us how powerful we are and how beautiful & magical life can be. Living a healthy active lifestyle, full of strength, bravery, focus, daily discipline, productivity and happiness was the experience that transformed us forever as many other women.

What we’ve felt over the past few years has been challenging. We were facing the real world in a whole new way. Balancing the cycle of life, keeping up with housewife duties, carving out time to manage finances and running a home-based business, all while having the energy to be intimate, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle is definitely not easy, and sometimes impossible. What we’ve found is that regardless of the circumstances, it’s in our best interest to become organized, plan and be intentional with our whole life purpose. It is our spiritual duty to find peace and a way to be relentless in sharing the love with our tiny miracles sent from above.

Our lives positively changed after overcoming challenges and life- defining experiences of becoming a new mom. A desire to connect even deeper and change the lives of other woman was awakened. We decided to start MommaFactor, a new chapter in our lives has opened us up to many new experiences to encourage, support and be a resource to improve the way moms lead their lives (mind, body & soul).


We feel that many moms don’t get recognized or acknowledged for all the selfless hours we put towards raising our children and many other chaoses that comes from being a mom. We will be sharing factors, planners and topics of motherhood joys, productivity, organization, time management, family, traveling, self-love, fitness, working from home, love and many others.

Just know YOU are not alone. We invite you to take on this journey with us together. We hope that through our lives experiences you find hope and value to your life and that we get to create long-lasting relationships to support each other as we grow together in this challenging yet rewarding process. Together, we will find a balanced lifestyle complimenting all the things we are pursuing in our lives.

Please feel free to introduce yourself to us through email or on Instagram @mommaFactor; We love to hear from you and know who our mommafactors are! Also, any feedback, comments or questions to inspire ideas for future posts and planner ad-ons is much appreciated!

Welcome and enjoy the journey!

With Love,

Mabell & Frany